Experience & passion* allow us to realize the ideas Øf our clients.

Duind™ Branding & Design Studio



Years of activity.


Customers, both in Poland and Europe

Duind is a graphic design studio, founded in 2007 in Poznan. We provide support in the following areas: print graphic design, branding – creating a brand and its visual communication, web UI / UX projects.



We have completed more than half a thousand projects.

Our work

Thanks to the small organizational structure of the studio, we have an advantage, which reflects the belief that a good project cannot be created without passion and, above all, personal commitment. At Duind, each client has direct contact with a designer who is also the owner and creator of graphics. We share the knowledge and experience gained through more than 17 years of operation in the market. Our common goal is to create works that, while giving benefits to customers, will also be user-friendly and our common environment.

Studio Graficzne Poznań

Print material


studio graficzne

Branding & Identity design, Web design

Motiv Home

Branding Studio Graficzne


Logotypes & marks

See selected projects for brands we work with.


Scope of activity

We work with B2B and B2C clients from various sectors. We are not limited to well-known brands and big budgets, we also act and engage in projects for the smallest clients. We are not afraid of challenges and searching for adequate solutions.


Printed materials, packaging, simple pages and complex websites. We combine expertise in communications, marketing and design so that the creations are a visual translation of the client’s business strategy.


Visual identity systems for companies, brands, organizations, products. We create visual identity, plan the graphic language through which the brand communicates with the environment

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Full competencies.

Corporate Identity.

  • Branding
  • Logos
  • Brand Book
  • Key visual
  • Information systems

Interactive Design.

  • Portals and company websites
  • Application design
  • Online stores
  • Database services
  • Web banners

Printing and production.

  • Packaging and labels
  • Catalogs, folders, leaflets
  • Billboards, posters
  • Press advertising
  • Book composition

Selected brands we have had the pleasure of creating for.


Forum Media— MWT solutions— Funai— Termy Maltańskie— Coty— Silverhand— Chic Group— Generali— Elektro-klim— Leroy Merlin— Motiv Home— Ecor product— Bapco— Apart— Bosma— Swegon— Ela-compil— Ems Partner— Eurobeef

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Maciej Baraniak
Art Director & Owner

Duind™ Branding & Design Studio
VAT EU: PL972 101 03 93


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